Sunday, April 02, 2006

Achtung! Neu Rasiermesser von USA!

New from Gillette. The very best shave a man can get.

The all-new Mach 12. Twelve precision, platinum-coated DLT blades, 28 micro-fins, aloe-vera and champagne talking lubrastrip, 18 carat gold handle. Each blade is mounted on a hydraulic suspension system based on Formula 1 racing-car designs and shaves progressively closer than the last, leaving you with a shave which John Craven called, "close". The new talk-o-lubrastrip™ tells you (in 8 languages) when your blades are nearing the end of their life, and also warns you should you press too hard whilst shaving. A 4GB mp3 player keeps this razor ahead of the competition - truly a razor for the 21st century - and beyond!

As used by Bill Oddie, Dave Lee Travis, Rolf Harris and Matthew Corbett

Replacement Blades: £38.99 for a pack of 3


Sweeney Todd said...

I had a dream .... I knew this day would come!


close as a blade or your face back...

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