Monday, November 20, 2006

The Hitman and Her

Coming soon to an Essex nightclub near you . . .

"The Hitman and Her"

Featuring Dennis Waterman, Gordon Strachan and lots of drunk people from Essex.


Anonymous said...

sounds really exciting cant wait for this

Anonymous said...

I've been to Essex on many an occasion and have had several drinks but have never come across any hitmen yet (to my knowledge anyway!)

Paul McQuillan said...

I believe the word 'hitman', in this instance, is reference to the success in producing 'hits' of nightclub lounger, Dennis Waterman (along with colleagues Jonathan Aitken and the other bloke whose name I can't amusingly replace with someone else's). Gordon Strachan has been giving lustful 'dads' an excuse to watch The Wide Awake Club since 1985.

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