Thursday, February 23, 2006

Frankie Dettori's waiting - Talking Italian.

Coming soon to a cinema near you:

King Kong II (PG)

Pete Sampras, Cliff Thorburn, Yvette Fielding, Ian St John, Mike Morris, Chris Kamara, Shakin' Stevens, and introducing - Wincey Willis.

Dolby B Noise Reduction (in selected theatres)

Today in 1999: Prince Edward married Griff Rhys-Jones.


Lynn said...

Yvette Fielding again! You've been dazzled by her orbs!!!


they are also planning a horror based on 321 the gameshow.which will feature colin fry,steven seagal,william shatonher,steven fry and wendy is set in 1904 in transvalnia,at the onset of the birth of gameshows and the beginning of devil worship in farm barns.the film will shock with its graphic material and will undoubtely make people dump involuntarily.

Paul McQuillan said...

I heard rumours of that very film. I believe that Ted Rogers will be played by Johnny Depp and R2D2 has been cast as Dusty Bin. The soundtrack will be supplied by Showaddywaddy.

Regarding Fielding: I admit that I feel a rush of excitement every time she almost collapses with fright at the sound of a creaking floor-board, or the reflection of moon-light. Or indeed when Acorah is possessed by the ghost of an 18th century headless aristocrat, which he read about the night before in the 'Hamlyn Guide to the Ghosts of Great Britain'.


yes yvette is kind of cute in her own sort of blue peter way.

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