Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ode to Psycho (John Keats, 1819)

Is Derek Acorah a real name or merely an anagram? It looks like a Countdown Conundrum to me: D E R E K A C O R A H


Chloe said...

"Ha,a reed rock".
"Hard core reak"
Not furry good but am still chewing it over!

Paul McQuillan said...

The winning answer will be defined, in three different ways, by Frank Muir, Willie Rushton and the Shah of Iran, in next week's episode.


derek acorah backwards is harocakered...which in fact is the the indian word for monumental discipline in the spirit world by hammers and the opening of the ark,or the old saying thoust shall see orbs and be possessed by dark spirits and become harrison ford,i think.

Paul McQuillan said...

A brilliant deduction. The mystical harocaker discipline was first brought to the West's attention by George Harrison in 1967. If one plays 'Within You Without You' backwards, one can clearly hear Harrison chanting 'harocakered, harocakered', accompanied by Ravi Shakar, Chaka Khan and Benny Hill.

Much later, at his school for Yogic Flying (in Bootle), Harrison schooled a young seeker called Derick Adamson. We know him better as the Master of the Orbs: Derek Acorah.

Harrison's Ford at the time was a Mark 1 Granada (Ghia).


yeah your right,i heard that in the indian chippy i went to the other night,burt reynolds served me oddly enough, and told me that harocakered was in not that long ago ordering two fruit yogas,one spicy beef ark and a ford soup.weird.

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